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Why is Electric Heat More Expensive Compared to Fuels?

December 15, 2021

Heating your household is an essential thing to do during colder weather conditions. While heated households give us comfort, most of us are concerned about the energy bill we are about to receive. Heating costs are usually the toughest one to swallow since they usually make up most of the energy bill total. There are a multitude of things to consider when opting for one heating source over another but the most important thing to consider is the amount of energy output your new system will require and how that will impact your electric bill each month.

One of the most popular choices is electric heat. Although, electric heat is pricier than most other energy sources, for some, it’s a better fit for their specific home. Electric heating is mostly suitable for smaller buildings with lower energy needs rather than bigger ones. That means it’s perfect for homes. If you can keep your energy bills lower, and don’t need that much heating during the year, it might just be the ideal choice for your home.

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Pros of Electric Heating:

• Lower upfront cost
• Easier installation process
• No safety issues (leakage)
• Easier to maintain

Cons of Electric Heating:

• Higher energy bills

This disadvantage brings us to our topic of discussion. Why exactly is electric heat more expensive than other energy sources?

The True Cost of Electric Heat

Simply put, using electric heat can cost you a pretty penny each season. Not all households can afford paying this premium. Various reports estimate that this winter season is especially going to be a burden for all of the people heating their homes, regardless of the heating source. All residential properties will pay more for heat, however, how much you’ll end up paying is up to your specific heating unit.

The World’s Supply Chain Issues Are Making Things Tougher For Everyone

Due to the supply problems which are affecting the entire world, gas heated homes are expected to spend approximately $750 on average to heat their home this winter WHICH IS 30% increase than previous seasons. Electric heated homes are going to see a 6% increase this winter season. That 6% increase will increase electricity bills to approximately $1270 this season. Homes using heating oil and propane will see an average increase of up to 43% due to these supply issues. Let’s just say that the true cost of heating sources has skyrocketed this season, and there’s not a clear winner in sight.

Why is Electric Heat More Expensive Than Gas Heat?

This one is quite difficult to answer simply. We are going to go over a few reasons why electric heat as a source is pricier than other sources.

The Size Of Your Unit

If you’re installing a bigger or a higher rated electric system, it’s natural that these kinds of systems are going to use more electricity than a lower rated or a smaller system. This is one of the main reasons why electric heated systems end up costing a lot at the end of the month.

How Much You Use It

Naturally, another reason for higher costs is dependent on how long you’re keeping the system on. It depends on the user’s behavior. If you’re more at home, you’re going to use more electricity to heat your home. This reason can be applied to all of the heating sources. With more people working from home due to the pandemic, our HVAC systems are getting a lot more use than they did in years past. Most people will set their home's temperature lower throughout the day, knowing no one will be home to use it. However, with more and more people working completely remote, typically their homes are set to an ideal temperature and run at that all day and night.

At Which Temperature You Heat The Home

Households with thermostatic control are going to be spending far less electricity for one sole reason - you’ll know when your house is heated to your pleasure. Meaning, when you don’t have a thermostatic control inside of your home, you might end up spending more electricity (or any other heat source) than necessary. We always advise our clients to spend a little more money to have a smart thermostat installed because it will allow you to adjust your home's temperature from your phone or smart device from anywhere and is a great investment in the long run.

Cost Of Electric Heat Varies By The Location

As it is with all of the energy sources, the cost of the energy source you use greatly depends on your location. It can sometimes even vary by the cities, counties, and states. Some countries only use the highest qualities of energy sources, so the cost is noticeably higher than somewhere else. Another reason can be that it’s taxed accordingly (or not taxed at all) so the cost can be higher or lower based on your physical location.

Quality Level Of The Electric Heat

Energy comes in varying quality levels. A higher quality energy is easily converted to a lower quality energy. However, the reverse isn’t true or possible. Electricity is among the highest quality levels there are. The reason why it's the highest quality is because it’s quite hard to produce it but once it’s produced, it can be used for quite literally anything. You can do anything with it.

Electricity Can Be Turned Into Heat With 100% Efficiency

As opposed to other energy sources, electricity can be turned into heat with a 100% efficiency. Electricity can be turned into heat in all systems. Because of that fact alone, using cheaper sources creates cheaper heating methods, meaning electric heat is going to end up being a more expensive method of heating.

Why is Electric Heat More Expensive Than Gas Heat?

Electricity is usually more expensive compared to piped gas (natural gas or methane), wood or even coal. Using these instead of electricity will end up costing you less per year to heat your home. Sure, electricity is 100% efficient and it’s much better for the environment but some might think those reasons are not enough for the premium price they’re about to pay with electric heating. Whatever option you choose, there are both advantages and disadvantages with each and every heating source. If you’re looking for a new heating system, call Elmore Heating and Air Conditioning and we’ll help you find the system that suits all of your needs.

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December 15, 2021

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