Customized Solutions - Mini Splits

February 8, 2020

Customized Solutions - Mini Splits

At Elmore Heating and Air Conditioning we can help you find the very best solution for you space. For some areas a MINI SPLIT unit is the perfect solution!

From Home Comfort System Mini Splits brochure

Here are some of the benefits of a Mini Split solution:

Customized solutions for each application

Traditional heating and cooling systems each employ similar practices – using one or two thermostats to control the temperatures of each room in the building, resulting in rooms that are rarely comfortable and spaces that become unusable in extreme weather. Whereas mini splits can be installed in individual spaces to provide perfect comfort for every space.

Advantages to variable inverter capacities

Inverter technology permits systems to fine-tune heating and cooling output to deliver the precise amount of air needed at any given time. For example, a 12,000 BTU system may operate more efficiently at 9500 BTU (or less). This aids in reducing energy consumption but still delivers a high comfort level to the user.

The Benefits of Duct-Free

• Indoor units operate at very low dB levels making them extremely quiet.

• Precisely control the temperature in each room by remote control.

• Quick installations without the added expense of ductwork.

• Replace older technologies such as unattractive window mounted units.

• No dirty air-ducts to have cleaned.

• The DOE reports ducted systems can lose an average of 25%-40% in performance due to leaks, cracks, and other weaknesses in ductwork. For this reason, ductless systems reduce energy output and save money.


The temperature of each zone can be set to individual needs or even be turned off in unoccupied

spaces without affecting other zones. IDEAL FOR:

• Computer rooms and servers rooms

• Offices in warehouse spaces

• Storage facilities

• Internal areas without exterior wall access

• Room additions/renovations

• Homes without ductwork

• Garage workshops

  1. Indoor Unit – component that supplies the room with cool or warm air.
  2. Outdoor Unit/condenser – adds or removes heat from the house.
  3. Refrigerant Lines – medium by which heat is transferred from one place to another.
  4. Remote – use the remote to set temperature and program settings instead of using a thermostat or control room temperature and general use settings with a wall mounted unit instead of using a remote.

Service agreements help extend the life span of a mini split system by ensuring it runs at maximum efficiency. A typical service agreement includes two visits per year. One tune-up in the spring time prepares your system for the summer, and one in the fall prepares your heater for the winter. Properly maintaining your system can have a significant impact on your utility bills and the life of your system. Ask for details about the service agreement options available to you.
A maintenance agreement provides peace of mind since your system will be properly serviced on schedule.

Elmore Heating and Air Conditioning offers SERVICE AGREEMENTS to extend the life of your mini split system(s).

There are many health benefits with a Mini Split system
From Home Comfort System Mini Splits brochure

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For more information about Home Comfort System Mini Splits download the brochure HERE.

February 8, 2020

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